Manipulate the Matrix, Upgrade your DNA – The ‘Sacred Master Key’ of Co-Creation – Anallis Salles

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Excerpt, (Wellness Universe, Anaiis Salles, Transformational Catalyst Life Coach, Speaker, Healer, Facilitator of Workshops, Retreats, and Events as a Source Educator since 1991.

In addition to her holistic energy healing practice, Anaiis is founder and creator of Source Solutions a physical product line of water based essence infoceuticals that mitigate damage to the human energy field from technological assaults, assist with rapid integration of organic DNA upgrades, and smooth the transition referred to as ‘purging,’ Seeking integration and relief from ‘ascension’ symptoms?

She teaches the science of conscious co-creation through her online course Co-Creation Catalysts 101. She offers free monthly webinars on Emotional Templates the Wisdom Body: Return to Wholeness.

Living Lessons Library educational themes? Co-Creation Catalysts, Spiritual Awakening, Sacred Union, and the Sacred Master Key. In addition to gatherings in the United States, her international retreats and workshops have been held in Greece, Russia, Germany, England, and Scotland.…

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