Meet your Guardian Angel – Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters – Spirit Coach, Christina Hill

Below is a list of questions and notes taken during the podcast.

  • What is a Spirit Coach
  • Why did you decide to work with Spirits
  • If you would please ,explain to our Listeners , in detail, how you communicate with those on the other side.
  • Tell us about our Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.
  • How do you prove this is Real & Not just imagination?
  • Athella = Is an acsended master = she published a book light streams ancient one.
  • All humans capable of Healing with Spirit guides.
  • When you have an experience with your spirit guide, there is no words that can describe with its certainty.
  • Ever since her connection, its been like a channel.
  • First Time Clients – She goes in Completely blind – Stuff comes up in a session , that she wouldn’t know.
  • When you’re with your guide it is a pulsating feeling quality with something, similar to light.
  • Testimonials on her website.
  • Live sessions recorded on her YouTube Channel.
  • Did a session in German and she doesn’t speak German.
  • Love is Universal Language.
  • Athella can find physical issues and help heal.
  • Everyone has # 1 main guide and numerous others.
  • They don’t have ability to directly intervine, unless its special circumstances.
  • People have a Life Contract before they are born.
  • Guides have rules just like we do and allowed to go only so far.
  • The rest is up to us.
  • Stop, Listen and Create the space for them to be heard and we can be divinely guided.
  • Often times your gut instinct is connected with your spirit guides.
  • Ketzal Mayan influence Ancient One – Another Guide .
  • Most people have 3 – 7 guides surrounding them.
  • Each have names and stories.
  • Guides come and go as our life changes.
  • Must ask out loud in detail what you want to experience out of this life.

Session with RA a Sun God and Astute Guide notes below =

“Go outside and drink in the Suns light

Earth is Shifting & Changing , New Human on the Horizon , New Paradigm Shift , More awareness and conscious living

Truth is Recognized”

And more..

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