NASA Contractor Warns of Complete Power Grid Failure By End of Year, Can We Fix It? Greg Allison

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NASA Contractor Warns of Complete Power Grid Failure By End of Year, Can We Fix It? Collapsing Magnetosphere makes Earth more prone to Solar Flares and Coronal Ejections to Wipe Out the Power Grid Green Gregs YouTube Channel…

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Greg Allison… Altitude Research Corp… Greg Allison is a Contractor for NASA, a Guinness Book of World Records Holder for Highest Altitude Amateur Rocket Launch, the Rocket is still in his back yard also. The Program Manager for Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5) High Altitude Lift OFF HALO Program also President of High Altitude Research Corporation HARC, in these capacities Mr Allison is actively developing cheap access to space technologies.Mr Allison has worked on the ISS Program for Grumman as a systems engineer as well as many other highly advanced aerospace projects. Like being a product assurance engineer on projects like the Orbital Space Plane, X-37 and HyTex, Mr Allison also studies means to defend Earth from Asteroids and the construction of large scale space stations.Mr Allison isn’t only a Rocket Scientist and Aerospace Engineer, he also Develops Worm Hole Generators and offers them to the Public You Can see Greg on YouTube with almost daily updates at Green Gregs YouTube Channel…

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