Evidence Earth Entering 12,000 Cataclysmic Climate Cycle, Creative Society – Full Podcast

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Creative Society is in its early stages and some refer to it as a Thought Experiment to Better Humanity & The World. These are questions from the website http://www.creativesociety.com
How do we, representatives of humanity, envisage such a creative society?
How can we unite for this goal and achieve it all together?
The Creative Society global project has been initiated precisely for the entire world to answer these questions.
The Creative Society project is a cause of all people. This is why participants themselves implement this initiative. Participants of the Creative Society project represent general public. These people advocate implementing the eight Foundations of the Creative Society in all countries of the world for the benefit of all people. Read more about the stages of building the Creative Society in the article Foundations and Stages for Building the Creative Society.

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