The Seeding of Humanity on Earth & The 1st Nuclear War That Destroyed a Planet

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Specifics discussed in this podcast with Dr Richard Lawrence

Jesus & Other Avatars Are From Other Planets
Star of Bethlehem was a UFO, not an Astrological Alignment
Adamic Man”Maldech” Nuclear Warfare destroyed it, now its the Asteroid Belt
Atlantis Destroyed in Nuclear Catastrophe & Lemuria too
Lemuria, UFO’s Connection
Highly Advanced Spiritual Beings Protecting the Human Race & Earth
Telepathic Communications With Non Human Beings
Launching Kundalini and what it Really Is
Kundalini , Inner Force, Serpent Power, 7 Major Chakras
Pure Thought Beams, Above Speech Sent to Dr George King
Dr Richard Lawrence is Host of the Spiritual freedom Radio Show
Everything has Spiritual significance
Sending out Spiritual Energy into the World
9 Freedoms “Get it” authored by Dr George King
Aetherius Society
Ethereal Matter
Various Dimensional Beings in Various Realms and Frequencies on Earth

Dr Richard Lawrence…

Dr Richard Lawrence UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Message: A spiritual insight into UFOs and cosmic transmissions…

Richard Lawrence, About…

Richard Lawrence on Coast 2 Coast…

Aetherius Society

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