They Worship a Multidimensional Mind Virus, Infecting the Globe for Thousands of Years

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Return of the Fallen & Multidimensional Mind Virus That Swept the Globe, Ra Castaldo

Today’s discussion include the following topics in greater details.
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Time Jumpers , Leyland Builders, OOPARTS, MIB “Capinera”

Fulfilling Soul Contracts, Walk ins from the 80’s

Antares & Influence of ET’s

4D vs 3D

1987 Harmonic Convergence

Telepathic Hivemind Slavecamps, They All Know Each others movements, each others thoughts

Moon Craters are Dishes

Frequency Activates the Mind Virus From the Moon

Galactic Council Decision Made in 1970’s, afterwards mass UFO Sightings

Installations put into our harmonic energy grid, that’s keeping us in the dark and veiling itself

Cosmic Sludge that is blocking us from 4D replication of Cosmic Slime that has Veiled us, it’s a Soul Coat thats around our world a form of replication.

Fractals, Fractions of Atom, Adam

Higher Level Consciousness, once you understand it, it knows you understand

*This is a Live Action Role Playing Game & For Entertainment Purposes.

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