Nibiru Debunked? OOPARTS – Ancient Aliens Documented 400 Year UFO Timeline

THE FIRST 8 MINS OF AUDIO IS ROUGH. GETS BETTER AFTER THAT” Author, Researcher, and Aerial Phenomena Expert. Mr Aubeck has authored 3 books on the Subject of UFO’s and In 2003 Chris co-founded a remarkable collaborative network of librarians, students and scholars of paranormal history on the Internet. This group, known as the Magoniax Project, extends from North and Central America to Russia and Germany. It has accumulated thousands of references, searched media archives in several languages, and gathered hundreds of rare documents, scientific reports, and newspaper clippings from the last 400 years.

Author of Return to Magnolia, Wonders in the Sky & OOParts This discussion will revolve around the paranormal and UFO phenomena going back hundreds of years, from eye witness accounts to personal experiences. Mr Aubeck brings forth a thought provoking, paradigm shaking presentation.

Chris is working on a new book June 21st in Spanish / on Teleportation, Time Travel and other incredible phenomena .

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