Vatican Confirms Planet X, 2017,Antichrist Revealed,3 Days Darkness,TradCatKnight

Erik from uncovers a plethora of Prophecies and Revelations from a multitude of scriptures and sources. You don’t want to miss this one.

Be the change and Question everything.

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  1. trump is a distraction give it some thought … how many people think to themselves “serious trump president” there is a clear and simple reason for this if you take away the deep thinking
    having trump as a president is perfect for the powers that be.. you ask why well its simple people believe in trump as someone that would out stuff so he is a easy target to hide behind .. let me give a example if you really wanted to hide something then you would put a leader that people believe would say about it !! trump isn’t a scapegoat he is a shield because the people see trumps open honesty and know that he wouldn’t think twice about telling people what’s happening so people will come to think … ah well if it was true trump would tell us… but they forget he can only out something he knows about !! hence he makes the perfect shield the powers that be that have real control have every intention of placing Hilary Clinton in place when the time hence the reason someone of Hilary’s personality took the loss so wel
    l. the other question we have to ask is what she found out that week that made her look so exhausted when she did reappear as she had clearly had a lot of sleepless nights. and considering she planned on opening the books on ufos etc clearly Hilary has been put into the proper picture and the reason she is taking it so well is she knows what’s coming but the burning question has to be what are they using trump to hide ….

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