Frightening Testimonies of Alien Abductions, Lorraine McAdam

Writing Phantoms in the Night or ETs? was not easy for author Lorraine McAdam, and what she relates in this book might not be believed by the vast majority of people – which is why she delayed writing it for so long…
Indeed, until now, only those in her close, nuclear family had known of the details of her story, which has been a lifelong one. But in her heart she eventually realized that withholding her story – of what she has now come to believe is some form of ongoing ET contact – was no longer an option. And because it seems that the world at large has moved to a more enlightened attitude towards ‘abductees’ or ‘experiencers’ who have experienced and gone through this high strangeness, loosely called ‘alien contact’, McAdam now thinks that the time is ripe to reveal her story.
“This is my own simple, truthful, riveting, intriguing, and sometimes frightening account of multiple encounters, and experiences, with beings I believe originate from other worlds and, possibly, other dimensions”, she writes. “And yet I am, to all who know me, an ordinary English teacher, wife, and mother. So why me? I have no answer.”…

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