Everything’s Been Twisted, Even Your Language is a Lie, Ancient Codex of gods Translated

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Completely different interpretation of Marduk than most traditional models pointing towards Jupiter in Astro-Theological terms. However even the verbage of Mars, Marduk is very similar, Mars being the Planet of War, Vigor and Vitality. Various definitions and terms of the gods this is essential for the aspiring researcher of Ancient Wisdom.
This is the Pantheon of gods of Ancient Bablyon, Sumerian & Mesopotamia

This was translated into English in the early 1900’s and published

The Title of the Book is Cuneiform Tablets that Parallel the Old Testament.
They Predate the bible by hundreds, sometimes thousands of years.
After reading this information and decoding the Wisdom of the Ancients, the Knowledge of the gods, it becomes ever so apparent, almost everything we’ve been taught to believe is a lie. In my opinion of course.

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Direct Link for PDF File Cuneiform Tablets that Parallel the Old Testament

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