Close Encounters of the Unusual Kind – Multipe ET Contacts

Here on the Leak Project with recurring guest Bob Mitchell, an avid journalist, researcher, and lecturer Executive for MUFON Canada, as well as cofounder of Toronto News Wiring Services and bestselling author, we will delve into his recent book: Close Encounters of the Unusual Kind.

Explaining aspects of his novel here first, Mitchell unveils deeper aspects of the stories portrayed in his book. He connects fundamentals of his book Forbidden Knowledge to Close Encounters and Intrusions of Alien Encounters, bringing similarities and continuities to light.

Through depictions of individual experience from his book, Mitchell recants visions and advantages gained through astro-traveling, extraterrestrial experience, and meditation, and shares circumstances of how that will propel one through life in extraordinary ways.

Bob Mitchell speaks of multidimensional beings, and their hyper elevated capabilities and their tactful ulterior intentions. From the Salamander People, to the notorious Grays, there are a plethora of species analyzed here.

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