Gigantic UFO Caught Close to Cheyenne Mountain Complex, During the Day, Colorado Springs

Thanks for sending this to us at Leak Project! We analyze this incredible photograph of what looks like a massive ship in the clouds above Colorado.

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Colorado Springs, Colorado, August 2020, during the day about a week ago. Is it an ET Spaceship or Portal. Could it possibly be one of ours, maybe a Top Secret Surveillance ship of some type? Cheyenne Mountain & Several Air Force Base Facilities are in the area, also Aerospace and Defense. It be highly concentrated swamp gas reflection, just joking. Also at first i thought it was a reflection, however after further examining and speaking with the person that sent it, the window is clearly down and it was taken outside the driver side, you can see the driver side mirror on the bottom of the image. Also use several different color templates in attempts to debunk or confirm the photograph and you will notice it is in each one. Looking forward to hearing your comments in the comment section.

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