Remote Viewing the Phoenix Lights Spaceship & Its Shapeshifting Pilots, Farsight Institute

Epic interview with the Director of The Farsight Institute, Dr Courtney Brown. Daz Smith and Dick Allgire, two of the best remote viewers in the world were tasked to remote view the Phoenix Lights. As you know Remote Viewing is done with absolutely no knowledge of the target. The verifiable evidence, combined with thousands of eye witness accounts is undeniable and nothing short of incredible. Both Daz and Dick record Tall Beings in the Craft, that many might compare to the Nordics some claim to have seen. But here is the twist, Dick sees the Tall Nordic Morph, or shapeshift into a Cat Faced Being, with Giant Cat Like Eyes. The interior of the craft described in great detail. Dick describes the short, dwarf like life forms that help the taller Nordics. In one point of the project, Dick speaks to the Nordic and you will be blown away with the information he gave him.

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